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1 The full monty Premium Edition (high DA sites list)
Indexer #2 for all campaign links (Very High indexer rate)
20 Web 2.0 blogs Premium (Human-Quality Content)
Indexer #3 (Maximum indexer rate)
500 Visits (for each link)
100 Social Signals (for each link)
25 DA (Domain Authority) 50+
Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
100 DA (Domain Authority) 30+
Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
Tier project for 2,3,4
13200 Mix platforms backlinks
Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate)
Tier project for 2,3,4
5000 Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks)
Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate)

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How to submit your 1st SEO campaign

It is easy, 1. choose your budget, 2. fill your details, 3. click submit

1. Choose your budget

Use the price slider to define the SEO campaign price you need to order.

Every time you change the price on the slider, the "Campaign details" will be changed

2. Insert your order details

Fill the "order details" form

1. Links
submit your link or links here 1 per line.

2. Keywords
insert your keywords in this link 1 per line too.

3. You can optionally choose the proper article category for your links/keywords, if not it will be defined automatically.

4. Click Submit Campaign

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Let's see more about the services

In the campaign details section, you will see the full details for the backlinks services for the selected SEO ccampaign

The orange color define the quantity of this service, when the blue color referring to the service name, click on the to go to the full services details page

As we always recommend the extras (for each single order) each services comes with the best extras within your defined SEO campaign budget.

You may also notice that there is a text in a purple block & this showing that the next services will be used as tier2 for the links that will created from the above services.

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Quality of Backlinks!

All campaigns on this page are designed as link wheel campaigns. In this kind of campaign, we submit the top quality links directly to your website and some other quality backlinks for those submitted orders (also called Link Pyramids).

Tier projects (Link Pyramids) is one of the most powerful SEO strategies. It provides the needed powser for the backlinks that created to your main website.

The tier1 links (direct links) on all campaigns will work on our Premium Sites List, which consists of High DA (Domain Authority) and top world wide web 2.0 sites... Check sites list: Check the premium sites list

That high-budget campaigns come with fantastic features, as we will publish Human-Quality Content to the best of the top worldwide websites with the most domain authority.
With Unique Human-Quality Content & Custom Image Design for your website at Top worldwide Websites, Google will love your website.

Tips in choosing SEO campaign budgets

These SEO campaigns are pre-designed campaigns, it is the best services, quantities & extras within a defined budgets.

The important advice here is you need to be constant, Google need to see regular created backlinks to your website, not only one time.

So, try to split your monthly budget for smaller budget, and then make a weekly campaign for your links/keywords.

Another important advice, you need to keep building quality links for 3-9 months (according to your niche hardness) but not less than 3 months.

Please note that The SEO is a bit long term process, as it may take few months to get your website ranked in Google. (In some cases it takes few weeks) as there is many factors such as: Domain/page authority, Keywords competition, Social signals (Facebook, Google shares for website ...) "very important", On-site optimization, Domain age, Current rank & many other factors.

We designed these package to be insure it will be the most effective within a defined budget, but also you can customize your campaigns by adding Single Orders.

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