Earn 10% of each payment FOREVER

There is absolutely no cost to you to be Affiliate, and the earning potential is substantial!

For Life?

If you refer a member to us and that member adds payment today, tomorrow or 3 years from now you will get paid for it. You will get paid for EVERY transaction they make, forever.

How do I Become an Affiliate?

  • Just sign-up. Every member has an affiliate link. It's that simple.
  • The user may register within 30 Days of clicking on your link.

How to get Conversions

  • We find the best conversion rate from forums. Place your affiliate link in your signature or respond to [WTB] threads with affiliate links directly SEO campaings page.
  • Another great method is Twitter! Respond to those talking about being a webmaster, google or SEO with your affiliate link.
  • Your own website is probably one of the best sources for traffic and directing new affiliates through your affiliate link. Add links where they can be seen.
  • Other Social Media sites.