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Get paid for each payment FOREVER!
Become a SEOeStore affiliate and get paid for each payment by users referred by you FOREVER.
- Commission for new customer payment (1st payment): 20%
- Commission for returning customer payments: 10%
- Commission for payments from second-level referred users: 5%
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Start EARNING in 3 simple steps!

There is absolutely no cost to you to be Affiliate, and the earning potential is substantial!

Spread the word

Inform people about SEOeStore using videos, blogs and social media.

Get new users

Get your friends and followers to sign up for SEOeStore & encourage the to add funds.

Get paid

Get paid for EVERY transaction they make, forever!

Why become one of our partners?

It is Easy to Promote The #1 SEO panel on the planet.
Become a SEOeStore affiliate and get paid to share SEOeStore with your friends and followers.

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Start earning with SEOeStore today!

If you refer a customer and adds payment today, tomorrow or 3 years from now you will get paid for it.


What is more special is that there are two level of commissions, which brings you endless profits.

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Direct referrals

Get paid for every Payment with no limit and a lifetime attribution.

Level 2 referrals

When your affiliates start promoting and getting some referrals, you will also get paid for those customers as well.

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Have questions? We have answers.

How do I Become an Affiliate?

Every User can Be affiliate. Just sign up for SEOeStore. It's that simple. Inside the affiliate program, you can find your personal affiliate link that you can promote on your channels.

How long is the cookies life?

We currently offer a 30-day cookies life. This means from link click to register if your referral complete registration within 30 days (without clicking someone else's link) you're the affiliate of this customer.

How to get Conversions?

With your link in hand, your ready to promote! Here are just a few ideas:

- We find the best conversion rate from webmasters forums. Place your affiliate link in your signature or respond to [WTB] threads with affiliate links directing to SEO campaigns page.
- Another great method is Twitter! Respond to those talking about being a webmaster, google or SEO with your affiliate link.
- Your own website is probably one of the best sources for traffic and directing new affiliates through your affiliate link. Add links where they can be seen.
- Other Social Media sites.

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